Friday, January 25, 2013

Mini Tibet

Last Saturday, Y. and I visited a Tibetan settlement close to Mysore called Mundgod. Almost 17000 Tibetans call this place home. Other people call it "Mini Tibet."
One of the temples in the compound. I'll call it Temple #1. 
Y. and I explored the temples, three in total, and listened to prayers. Tibetan Buddhist prayers are super loud and accompanied by drumming and what look like and sound like didgeridoos (no pictures of these guys, not allowed).
Temple #1 inside.

Temple #2 where the monks were praying.
There were four temples in total, and a lot of monks:
I'm not a monk. In front of Temple #3, the really big one.

Temple #4; note the monks. 
The Dalai Lama is visiting in February. Here is his picture inside Temple #3.

Temple #3. Buddha's in the middle.
After the temples we went to see the prayer flags outside.
Driving to the compound we saw many houses sporting flags. Alas, no pictures. 

There are also hundreds and hundreds of prayer wheels around the compound. I turned all of them and got a cramp in my arm. Devotees do this every day. Many of them passed me. 
Add caption
 My hip started to bother me after turning all the wheels, so we went to the bookstore and I bought a book about Buddhism and another by the Dalai Lama called Beyond Religion. And two sets of prayer flags and a CD of chants. And then outside the compound I bought a singing bowl and a pink shawl. I've kept my shopping to a minimum this trip (because I already have a pile of elephant themed jewelery, bright purple genie pants, and Ganesh blankets sitting at home in Calgary), but mini Tibet got me. Really, when will I have the chance again? Sigh.
Also, I saw this kitten.


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